Best 3×3 Grow Tent in 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Hydroponic gardening is gaining immense popularity owing to the fact that you can control the environment in which you are growing the plants completely and in turn, grow all the year round whatever the weather conditions outside. Some others may prefer this form of gardening as they do not have a proper garden to themselves and have given in to the idea of a portable garden that fits in their homes while there are even others who have shifted to this form of gardening to grow marijuana or cannabis that cannot be grown otherwise. And one of the most important things or rather the most important thing that facilitates hydroponic gardening are grow tents. A grow tent is a portable grow room which is made from a sturdy canvas that is held in its place by a strong metal frame. It is designed to enhance or stimulate the growth of the plants. This is achieved by a strong canvas exterior that has been mentioned already which does not allow light or other external environmental conditions to affect the environment inside the tent. In addition there is a reflective mylar interior which reflects the light from one or more grow lights that are hung inside the tent to increase their effectivity many folds and also helps in retaining the heat created by these lights. These grow tents are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your requirements but we would be dealing with the 3×3 grow tents in this article. 3×3 grow tents are the one which have a base that measures 36”x36” in size. This is one of the smallest grow tent sizes available, though there are ones smaller that this too, and are more suited to first time harvesters or to those who have space constraint or to those who would be growing cannabis.

Selecting a 3×3 grow tent for your needs may not be an easy task as there are a wide array of choices that are available in the market to choose from. Hence before giving you a list of the 5 best 3×3 grow tents, we would be guiding you through the buying process and discuss the factors that have influenced our decision to choose the ones mentioned in our list. It will also help you even if you are not deciding on one from our list and will enable you to make a wise decision in the end.

Best 3×3 Grow Tent Reviews

Since its inception in 2011, Gorilla Grow tents have become one of the most popular and the best grow tents available in the market. Started by a group of California growers, designers and engineers, their aim was to make the thickest strongest and the most durable indoor grow tents that can be vertically adjusted to instantly increase the grow space. The original Gorilla 3×3 Grow tent has the dimensions of 36” by 36” at the base with a height of 6’11”. It comes with a 12” height adjustable extension kit which can increase the height of the tent to 7’11”. You can also purchase a 2’ extension kit additionally which is also available and raises the height to 8’11”.

The tent without the height extension weighs around 40lbs and can be easily transported from one place to another without much hassle. The tent has a solid steel interlocking frame which can support up to 500lbs. The poles have a diameter of 19mm. The tent boasts of the thickest canvas with a thread density of 1680D which is the best in business (approximately 9x times denser than the standard ones) with diamond reflecting interiors that enhance the efficiency of the tent to a great extent. The diamond reflective surface redistributes up to 30% more lumens creating less waste. Above all the infra-red blocking roof keeps the surface temperatures cool.  It has large EZ view windows so that you can keep a watch on the plants without compromising on the environment within, a large door for easy accessibility, 6 large 11” double cinching ducting ports and two 3” electrical ports. The doors are sealed with industrial strength zippers that can withstand rough use and will not give away easily. There is a mesh net tool pouch so that necessary tools can be accessible. There is a heavy duty spill tray at the base which takes care of your water or solution spills if any and will help in maintaining a clean floor. Lastly it has bug resistant filters so that you can eliminate any risk of bugs attacking your plants. Easy to assemble, the Gorilla grow tent is not very cheap but it is worth every penny of it with the features that it has in store for you.

Apollo Horticulture, which is more famous for manufacturing some of the best grow lights available, has a 3×3 grow tent that is equally popular and has been appreciated by all. Much cheaper than the Gorilla Grow tent mentioned before, this grow tent has a base of 36” by 36” and has a height of 72”. The grow tent has a solid metal interlocking frame that brings sturdiness and strength to the structure. It has thick 600D canvas which may not be as good as the one in the Gorilla Grow tent but is of a decent thickness if you compare it to industry standards.

The canvas is double stitched for added protection and along with the presence of heavy duty zippers prevent light and odour from leaking out while ensuring the durability of the tent. The interior walls bear a 100% reflective and tear proof mylar lining. It is not only light proof but also enhances the intensity of the lights by returning 92-97% of the light from the grow light back to the plants and retains the temperature of the grow tent for optimum plant growth.  The Apollo Horticulture tent has a large removable floor tray to take care of the spills. Other features include double cinching duct ports (two 8” ports, four 6” ports, and one 3” port), three mesh vents, a large door for easy accessibility and two large EZ windows. The package comes with two filter straps and an instructional pamphlet for easy assembly. The manufacturer offers a 90 day warranty on the product and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Another grow tent that is inexpensive and is a great value for money, the Milliard Horticulture D-Door grow tent has a base of 36” by 36” and a height of 73” which is 1” more than that of the Apollo horticulture grow tent. The Milliard Horticulture D-Door grow tent has a sturdy tubular metal frame. The tubular metal frame with metal push lock corners calls for easy tool free assembly. The poles have a diameter of 6mm. The metal frame comes with three additional heavy duty support bars and four metal rings to hang lights and other equipments.  The outer oxford canvas material has a thickness of 600Dx300D and has an inner reflecting mylar lining which has a 80-85% reflectivity. This may be matter of concern to some who are accustomed to a 100% reflective inner lining. It has a large D-shaped door with an attached hook that holds the door open while you work.

The double zipper flaps, the double ducting closures and the double enforced seams all add up to the different protective sealing that are maintained to ensure complete leak proof environment. The tent has large 12” viewing windows for conveniently checking the plants without accessing the door. Other features include two 4” ducting ports and five 8” ducting ports along with three micro mesh pre-filters and a removable waterproof floor pan. Overall a decent grow tent that has compromised a bit on the inner reflective lining when we compare it with the ones mentioned above, but definitely worth buying.

Vivosun grow tents claim to block all lights from escaping and are one of the most sought after tents in this budget. This is in the same price range as that of the Apollo Horticulture or the Milliard Horticulture and is thus pretty affordable.  This tent with a 36” by 36” base has a height of 72”. The Vivosun grow tent has a tubular metal frame. The 6mm tubular metal poles are connected to each other with metal connectors and corners. The clip interlocks hold them in place and gives the tent a sturdy frame.

There are two heavy duty hanging rods that come along with the frame and can hold up to 110lbs of equipment. The end of the poles that are in contact with the canvas are protected so that the metal pole does not puncture or damage the canvas in any way.The metal frame is covered by a thick canvas on the exterior which has a thickness of 600D. The thick canvas is tear proof and is double stitched to block all light from escaping. The interior mylar reflective lining has a reflectivity of 95% which means that it reflects most of the light and boosts the effect and efficiency of the grow lights. The heavy duty industry best zippers further enhance the light proof quality attached to this tent. It has a single large D-door and a large 12”x12” viewing window apart from five 8” ducting ports, two 4” ports and two mesh filters. In addition it is equipped with a removable floor tray and a tool bag for convenience. The grow tent comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Probably, the cheapest of the ones mentioned in our list, the iPower 3’x3’ hydroponic mylar grow tent will give others a tough competition when it comes to quality. This 6’ high tent has a metal tubular interlocking frame with metal connectors and corners that make the frame strong. The outer canvas has a thickness of 600D which is equivalent to the ones mentioned before except that of the Gorilla grow tent. For the canvas iPower deviates from the others in that it uses a 3-ply vinyl which is 5mm in thickness. The inner mylar reflective lining has a reflectivity of 95% which means that 92-97% of the light from the grow lights are reflected back to the plants.

The double stitching, the heavy duty zippers and the double cinching ports all contribute to the fact that no light is leaked. The metal rods can take up to 110lbs of weight. The grow tent has a large D-door for easy access, two viewing windows, ducting ports, mesh filters, tool bag and a large waterproof removable floor tray. The iPower grow tent comes with a pair of filter straps and has a year long warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Best 3x3 Grow Tents Buying Guide 2019


Though we would be dealing with 3×3 grow tents in this article, but there are a wide variety of sizes with different combinations of base dimensions and height to suit your growing needs. While deciding on the size of the tent, you should take into consideration the number of plants you are planning to grow, the type of plants so that you know exactly the size that they would grow into or in other words you would like them to grow into. The height of the tent chosen should be slightly more that the height of the plants you wish to achieve. The distance of the light from the canopy as well as from the growing plants should determine the height that should be settled for. Though most of the 3×3 grow tents have a standard height of 72”, some manufacturers provide an option of increasing the height of the tent by stacking.  Ideally a 3×3 grow tent suits the growing needs of 2-3 plants comfortably.


The basic structure of the grow tent is achieved by the frame. The frame is generally made of steel tubes that are snapped to each other or with the help of corners and connectors. The material of the frame as well as the connectors or corners used determines the strength of the frame. It also determines the weight that a particular frame can withstand. The weight limit which is the maximum weight that the frame can hold should be more than the combined weight of the equipments that you desire to use. The weight limit can also be increased by using additional support or by distributing the weight.


The durability of the tent largely depends on the thickness of the canvas. The canvas thickness is determined by the thread count. The more the thread count, the thicker the canvas and more is its durability. The thickness of the canvas is measured in terms of denier, which is a measure of the linear density of the fiber. The canvas thickness may vary from 210D in the least thick canvas to 1680D in the thickest one. Though all tent canvases are lightproof, the thickness also decides the amount of insulation that the canvas provides. Tents that are placed indoors may not require very thick canvas compared to the ones that are placed outside.


The quality of the reflective material that provides the inner lining to the canvas is extremely important. It not only reflects the light to make it uniform throughout but increases the energy efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the grow tent. Tents with mylar reflective interiors with 100% reflectivity is what you should look for. Some tents also have diamond shaped patterns in the reflective material that increase the effectiveness many folds.


The zippers may be a very small part of the tent but nonetheless one of the most important ones. This is because they are the ones that are most operated and undergo the most wear and tear. Zippers should thus be very durable so that they do not give way easily and make way for leakage of light.


The tents should be completely insulated from external light entering the tent or light from the tent leaking outside. So all the openings like corners or zip draws should have overlapping Velcro flap seals so the light leakage is restricted and the efficiency of the tent is maximized.


Most grow tents are equipped with three types of ports, ventilation, exhaust and cord ports. Ventilation ports are flaps sealed by Velcro that are lifted to vent out hot air. Exhaust ports on the other hand are meant to vent out excess light and they typically have one intake and one out-take port. The third variant as the name suggests is the port through which the cords enter the tent. All these ports have to be sealed so that there is no leakage of light through anywhere. The best tents are supported with double-cinching ports that completely block light leakage. The position of these ports is also very important and should be in accordance with the place where you are going to keep the tent.


Additional features that you may look into while buying a tent are flood trays (that take care of water or nutrient solution spills), viewing windows (used to check the growth of plants), tool pockets (to keep the essential tools in one place) and net trellis (if your plants need a lot of support).

Now that we have given you a fair idea about that factors that you should consider while buying a grow tent and the ones that should influence your decision and how, let us have a look at some of the best 3×3 grow tents available in the market.


So by now you might be having a fairly good idea about the 3×3 grow tents and what you should look for when you are set for getting one for yourself. Most of the grow tents that have been mentioned in our list of 3×3 grow tents are of similar quality, but if you are looking for something to last you pretty long and you are not looking to upgrade it in the near future, and if spending a few bucks more wouldn’t hurt you much, then the Gorilla Grow tent is the best and you can not find an alternative to it.

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