Best 4×4 Grow Tent 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

A grow tent is a portable grow room made of a sturdy canvas exterior and designed to stimulate the growth of plants in a controlled favourable environment. This environment is created by one or more grow lights and a reflective interior material that not only insulates to retain the heat created by the grow lights but also increases the effectively of these lights many-folds. These together create an ideal environment and space for the growth of a hydroponic indoor garden.

The grow tents are light proof and do not let the outside environmental conditions affect the growth of the indoor plants by any means. They are available in different sizes to suit the varied needs and interests of the gardener but for this article we would be concentrating on the more popular 4×4 sized grow tents i.e tents which measure 4 feet by 4 feet in breadth and width and are mostly ideal for cannabis /marijuana cultivation.

Best 4x4 Grow Tents 2019 compression

Thus before we jump into Reviews of best 4×4 grow tent, let’s have a look into the top rated 4×4 grow tent 2019 available in the market. We hand packs the top 5 4×4 grow tent and listed here.

Do You Use a Grow Tent?

As already mentioned grow tents provide the perfect environment for your indoor garden in a nut shell. But let’s have a detailed look at the factors that are taken care of by the Grow Tent.

  • Different plants grow in different temperatures. Growing plants, that are suited for warmer or tropical climates, is almost impossible in places which have cold climatic conditions or are witness to climatic changes often. The grow tents can provide a suitable controlled climate favourable for plant growth throughout the year.
  • Not only the temperature but you can also control the light levels that your plants are exposed to in a grow tent. Grow tents allow the growth of different plants in different growth stages requiring different duration of light exposure in one room.
  • Other factors affecting plant growth like the humidity, the air flow, the air quality etc can also be easily controlled and monitored.

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  • The grow tents have a reflective interior surface so that the light generated from the grow bulbs is reflected to its full strength and is 100% utilised.
  • As the tent is an enclosed structure so it keeps away bugs and other insects from infesting your plants.
  • Plants like marijuana which have a strong odour are best to grow in grow tents, so that the odour stays inside the tent and does not spread outside.
  • They utilise the space and are portable i.e they can be easily transported to another space without damaging the plants.
  • They are easy to set up, maintain and do not pose a problem even for beginners and can last for long growing years.

So now that you know the different reasons why the grow tent can be of use to you, let’s have a closer look at the best 4X4 grow tents available in the market and why they top the charts.

Best Grow Tents Reviews 2019

Gorilla Grow tents are one of the most popular grow tent manufacturers. They started to exist when a group of Californian growers, designers and engineers collaborated to get the better off indoor gardening in 2011 in San Francisco. The Gorilla Grow tents have several lines of tent viz the GGT line, the Lite Line and the Shorty Line to accommodate the various gardening needs. The Gorilla Grow tent Lite 4×4 is a model from its Lite line of grow tents and are more suited to people looking for a budget friendly option.

Let’s start off with the internal structure. The Gorilla Grow tent Lite has a solid metal/ all steel interlocking frame and bears the trademark height adjustable quality. The extensors that can be bought separately can actually increase the height of your 4×4 tent from 6’7” to 7’7” thus giving you an ability to adjust the height of your tent to about 1 foot. No plastic has been used anywhere. This along with the large ‘Easy Engage’ zippers, heavy duty locking fasteners, metallic corner pieces and reinforced stitching add to all that Gorilla grow tents stand for- “durability”.

The Gorilla Grow tent Lite makes use of a 210D canvas material, which is extremely durable but not as much as in case of the GGT line wherein a 1680D canvas is used. This is where the quality is compromised to bring down the cost of the tent and make it budget friendly but wouldn’t affect you much if you are placing your tent indoors.

The canvas is merged to the interior diamond pattern reflective material with the aid of a cutting edge PVE binding technique that adds rigidity to the tent and gives an edge over it’s competitors.

This best 4×4 grow tent was designed keeping the safety of the gardener in mind. The steel structure and the tight fitting canvas is secured in position to perfection. It has a flood pool in addition that works as expected and takes care of the liquid spills.

The Gorilla Grow tent Lite 4×4 has been intelligently designed so that it can accommodate large EZ view windows that help you invigilate on your plant growth without compromising on the growth environment.The doorways and the big wrap around zippers offer 360d egrees access. The large 10” double cinching ducting ports allow for the maintenance of an ideal growing environment and no leakage. Every port is placed to facilitate closed loop air-cooled lighting and cross-flow internal air circulation. It has a convenient tool pouch in addition.

The Lite tent is also bug and disease resistant. The Micro mesh pre-filters prevent bugs and insects from infesting your harvest.The double lined ducts add to the seal and prevent mold formation.

The extra height adds to the temperature controlling properties of the tent. The tent can be easily assembled. It is the best that can be had in this price but if budget is not an area of constraint then you should invest in their GGT line tents which use a 1680D canvas, has a IR blocking roof and can support more weight. A perfect companion for beginners as well as experts the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite is recommended for use with 600W light and is ideal for 6-8 plants.

  • Durable and Inexpensive with all steel structure
  • EZ view Windows
  • Big Zippers and double Cinching duct ports
  • 360 degree access
  • Diamond pattern reflective interior
  • Bug and disease resistant mesh

  • 210D canvas thickness
  • No IR blocking roof
  • Can support only 170lbs
  • Height adjustable kit has to be bought separately

Apollo Horticulture has already made a mark in the construction of low budget hydroponic gardening equipment and this 4×4 grow tent is of no exception. It is available in two colours blue and black. The 4×4 tent has a decent 80” height to support most plants and also helps in controlling the internal temperature.

This is again a pocket friendly grow tent with a solid all metal construction. The structure along with the connectors are all made of metal and secure the thick reflective mylar canvas to position. The thick fabric has a density of 600D which is quite decent and accounts for the tear and wear resistant property of the canvas. The double stitching along with big easy going zippers add on to the durability of this tent.The thick tent material along with the steel structure adds stability, prevents odour leakage and also prevents the infestation by pests. The tent poles can support grow bulbs with a weight of around 120lbs.

The kit includes a removable mylar floor tray to take care of the spills and keeps your floor clean of any conducting water. The mylar reflective inner lining increases the efficiency of the grow bulbs. They are 100% light proof and tear proof and reflects 92-97% of the light from the grow bulbs to your plants. The mylar lining cuts down your electric bill. The velcro and double straps along with sock vents keep out light from entering the grow tent. There is also a mesh at the bottom for the circulation of fresh air.

The kit comes with an instruction pamphlet that allows for easy and hassle free installation of the tent.

The Apollo Horticulture 4×4 grow tent is backed by the Apollo Horticulture brand guarantee and comes with a 90 day warranty and if the product does not meet your expectations it is also eligible for a hasslefree 30 day money back guarantee.

  • 600D thick canvas with an all metal structure
  • Mesh window
  • Big Zippers and double stitching
  • Mylar reflective interior with a mylar reflective removable tray
  • Pocket friendly (Best Budget 4×4 Grow tent)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Leakage can occur at the zippers.
  • Not expandable

The Vivosun 48”x48”x80” Hydroponic grow tent is yet another inexpensive pocket friendly grow tents to make it to our list of the best grow tents available.

To start off let’s have a look at the durability of the tent. The tent has a solid highly durable all metal construction. The tent owes its stability to this interlocking metal frame. The edges are designed to prevent tent stabbing. The 3 hanging rods can withstand a total weight of around 110lbs and its advisable to distribute the weights properly for a long lasting experience.

The metal frame supports a sturdy 600D high density canvas with a mylar reflective lining. The Mylar reflective lining boasts off a 95% reflectivity. The canvas is tear proof and is secured with double stitching to ensure complete light proof quality. The zippers which are again one of the most important feature when it comes to grow tents are obtained from SBS which is the world’s second largest zipper manufacturer. These heavy duty zippers add on to the efficiency of the grow tent by cutting off the outside light and preventing leakage. A dual layer ventilation fan opening seals tightly around the ventilation fan.

It has a removable floor tray to ensure easy cleaning and to take care of the occasional liquid spills and a easy view window so that you can view the growth of your plants without opening your tent and disturbing the environment within. It has a convenient mesh pocket for storing tools.

It can be easily installed and the kit comes with a hassle free 2 year ironclad warranty.

  • 600D thick canvas with an all metal structure
  • Nifty easy view window
  • Sturdy SBD Zippers and double stitching
  • Removable flood tray
  • Tool pocket
  • 2 year warranty with 100% customer service

  • Humidity monitor cannot be read through the window
  • Not expandable

The Oshion 4×4 indoor hydroponics grow tent room is the cheapest or the least expensive in our list but that does not question its quality or durability or reliability.

The Grow tent like it’s competitors has an all metal body with metal connectors that bring about stability to the tent structure and makes it long lasting. It has two cross bars for holding grow bulbs .The canvas that sits firmly on this 6.5’ high grow tent is super thick and has a density of 600D. The canvas not only blocks light from entering the tent but also resists tear and prevents the entry of bugs and insects.

The interior reflective mylar lining has a 99% reflectivity i.e 99% of the light generated by the grow bulbs is reflected to the plants. Hence it gives maximum effect while not raising your electric bill.

The zippers are of extremely good quality and zip up easily and have a flap over them to completely cut off any chances of light penetration or leakage.

It has an easy access removable and water resistant mylar spill tray that takes care of the spills and aids in maintaining a clean floor. This adds to the safety and prevents any conducting material from reaching the electrical connections.

The Oshion 4×4 grow tent has a easy view observation window.

It is easy to install but lacks a user manual.

  • All metal structure with metal connectors
  • 600D canvas
  • Zippers with flaps
  • Removable water resistant mylar flood tray
  • Easy View Window

  • Minor leakage observed by consumers
  • Not expandable
  • No user manual

iPower has been one of the leading manufacturers of grow light systems for over a decade.Their hydroponic grow tent with a height of 80”is useful for growing exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonal plants all the year round.

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This best 4×4 grow tent has a metal or to be precise a stainless steel framework with interlocking stainless steel poles and corners. None of the materials used for the framework is plastic. This adds tensile strength and stability to the structure of the tent. The frame is designed to ensure smooth and hassle free installation and the cross bars can put up a weight of 110lbs.

The tear proof thick fabric has a fiber density of 400D and has a inner mylar reflective lining which has 95% reflectivity. The large easy to use zippers and the double stitching add to the durability and long lasting quality of the tent while attributing the quality of being 100 % leakproof.

It has a 100% water resistant removable floor tray aimed at keeping the floor clean, a easy access tool pocket and a easy to view window.

The iPower grow tent comes with a one year warranty.

  • Stainless Steel structure
  • Sturdy zippers and double stitching
  • 95% reflective lining
  • Removable flood tray and easy to view window
  • Tool pocket

  • 400D canvas not very
  • Not expandable

Best 4x4 Grow Tent Buying Guide

Though we have provided you with the list of the best 4×4 grow tents available in the market, you need to know in detail the factors that actually differentiate one grow tent from another so that you can choose your grow tent wisely even if it is not mentioned in our list. If you take care of the factors mentioned and choose the one with maximum preference to suit your needs your investment would never go in vain and you can boast off the grow tent that will give you the perfect growing experience.

Size Matters:

Although the grow tent size we are referring to in this article is 4×4, there are a wide array of size specifications you can get your grow tent in. The size of the tent should be chosen in accordance with the number of plants that you want to grow in your tent and also the type of plants to ensure the size that they would grow into and should be slightly smaller than the available space for easy set up. Also you need to figure out if you are going for continuous harvesting or you are going for distinct cycles. If you are going for a continuous harvesting procedure then you need to either have multiple tents or tents with multiple chambers for vegging, flowering and curing/ drying. A 4×4 tent is perfect for 4-6 plants.

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Multiple Chambers:

As mentioned continuous harvesters either need multiple tents or tents with multiple chambers. The multiple chambered tent is only available in larger tent sizes and hence not a matter of much concern for 4×4 grow tent users. They have to go in for multiple tents if they consider continuous harvesting and so 4×4 tents are more suited for distinct cycle harvesting.


The height of the plants that you want to grow and the distance of the light from the canopy (as recommended) as well as from the plants in all stages of growth determine the height of the tent that you should settle for. Though standard tents have a height of 7’ that can well accommodate in a 8’ height room but some manufacturers provide a “stacking” option that can aid in increasing the height of the tent as and when required with the help of extensions while others have a shorty line with an extendable height up to 4’11” that would suit vegging plants or can be accommodated in shorter spaces and basements.

Weight limit:

The Grow tent frames which provide the basic structure and strength to the tent are usually constructed of steel tubes that are snapped together by various materials that are used as corners and connectors. These materials determine the weight that a particular tent can take and so the weight limit has to be noticed before you go for a tent. The weight limit should be more than the combined weight of all the equipment that you desire to use. The weight limit of a tent can also be increased by using additional support or by distributing the weight.

Reflective canvas thickness:

The Durability of your grow tent depends on a large number of elements but one of the most important ones after the structure is the thickness of the canvas. So the thickness of the canvas or the thread count is directly proportional to its durability. This is extremely important when you have occasional transportation requirements i.e when you need to relocate your tent often and it could face accidental scuffs.Though all tent canvas are lightproof, the thicker the material the more insulation can it provide from heat and noise. Tents that are placed indoors may not require as rugged canvas walls as those that are placed outdoors. The tent canvas thickness may vary from 1680D and can go down to 210D(D being a measure of the linear density of the fibers stands for ‘denier’).

Quality of the reflective material:

The best part of the 4×4 grow tents is the reflective material that increases the energy efficiency and effectiveness of the grow tent. The quality of the reflective material is extremely important. All grow tents do not have the same quality of reflective material and you should look for tents that use reflective mylar with 100% reflectivity. Some reflective materials even have patterns and the diamond patterned ones are the most effective in making full use of the indoor grow lights.

Zipper Durability:

The zippers are the parts that are more prone to wear and tear as they are used almost every day. The zippers have to be strong, easy to hold, and easy to operate and should be durable or else they can give way easily and make way for light leakage that is not at all desired in case of grow tents.

Fabric Gapping:

The best 4×4 grow tents have to be completely light tight and so tents should have completely overlapping velcro flap seals for corners and zip draws for ventilation or cord ports. Ensure that there is no light leakage through any of these areas to maximize the efficiency of your grow tent.

Corner construction:

While discussing weight limit we have already mentioned extensors and corner construction. The best 4×4 grow tents have metal corner constructions that will have interlocking snap piece to secure the poles to place. Some tents use plastic but they will not last you long.

Ducting Ports, Cord Ports And Windows:

Most grow tents are equipped with three types of ports viz. Ventilation, exhaust and cord ports. Ventilation ports are usually flaps that are secured by velcro that can be lifted to vent out hot air. The grow tent should have at least one of these. The exhaust ports are for more heavy duty ventilation and may often be used to vent out excess light. The exhaust ports typically have a minimum of one intake and one outtake port. Cord ports may sound to be a minor detail but is often very useful. But with all these ports there is one thing that has to be taken care off. There should be no leakage of light through these ports. The best tents have dual-cinching ports that completely block any light coming through the port. The position of these ports are extremely important and should be in accordance with the place you want to place your grow tent in.

Extra Features:

Some grow tents offer additional features like flood trays (equipped to hold water in case of water or nutrient solution spills), viewing windows (used to check the growth of plants without opening the grow tent), tool pockets (so that you do not need to search for your essential tools elsewhere) and net trellis (that come handy if you are growing plants that need a lot of support). You need to figure out which of these you might require and which ones you can do away with.


Though the ones mentioned in our list of the best 4×4 grow tents available are the pocket friendly ones if budget is not a matter of constraint you should preferably go for a grow tent that would provide you the best canvas fabric I.e one with a density of 1680D along with other additional features. These best 4×4 grow tents are extremely durable and are the ones that are a part of the GGT line of Gorilla Grow Tents.

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