Best Complete Marijuana Grow Tent Kit 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to growing cannabis, it is often assumed that only established cannabis growers, who have access to large, open plots of land, required accessories and resources would be able to grow it, both outdoors and indoors as well. That may have been the case a few years back, but that’s no longer the norm. Since the government has legalized marijuana for medical use, several vendors have sought to provide high-grade, grow tents to enable others to grow cannabis. But these grow tents were still quite expensive and when you take into account, the fact that additional accessories and expensive devices would be required to provide optimal temperature, humidity and water moisture, it all adds up to an exorbitant price tag. But thankfully, with further advances in technology, companies can now provide user-friendly, premium complete marijuana grow tent complete with all the accessories that you would need.

Granted that there are more than a few companies marketing their complete marijuana grow tent kits and it could be a little hard to sort through the rest. That’s why we have reviewed some of the best complete grow tents for Marijuana in the market and rated them on account of their price, features, functionality, ease of use along with several other metrics. Do check them out for more information and choose the one that seems to be a good fit, to meet your current needs and requirements.

Top 5 complete Marijuana grow tent kits

#1. Grow Room 5×5 SuperCloset SuperRoom Hydroponic System Grow Tent Package

When it comes to complete marijuana grow tents, this one manages to snag your attention right away, for the simple fact that it comes with decently sized measurements 5’ x 5’ x 11″h (depth x width x height) which makes it very compact. What’s more, the tent canvas comes with the requisite transparent front panel that can enable you to see into the tent without having to lift the flap each time. And additionally, it also comes with the requisite thick canvas cover (1680d), so you can be sure that it would be durable and would certainly last you for a long while to come. This complete grow tent kit also comes complete with a sodium lamp (600W, air cooled) which is perfect as a growing light for your crop. You can adjust the lighting depending on the size of your crop and increase the glow as they grow in size.  Incidentally, this tent also features an AC reflector that can reflect some of the sunlight for your new crop. If you were looking for a complete and compact kit, it has got to be this one for it certainly comes loaded with just about everything you need to get you started with your first cannabis crop. Incidentally, the tent kit also comes with a 6″ activated carbon scrubber as well as hurricane 6″ inline fan which should help remove any of the odours that may have penetrated into your tent. Just check out some of the pros and cons of this product.


  • It comes with a gorilla grow tent, one that’s completely height adjustable and only one of the few to be so
  • It comes with a completely integrated hydroponic system for your crop, you can opt for your own choice of which hydroponics to go for, deep water culture or ebb and flow hydroponics system
  • It comes with thick layered canvas which should provide you with the protection your crops need and be quite effective in keeping pests out
  • It also comes with various accessories such as circulation fan, digital readouts with temperature and hygrometer, total automation with timer, and much more
  • It also comes with a detailed manual that you can refer to


  • It is a little expensive but worthwhile considering all that it comes with.

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This product is the perfect compact package and it certainly comes with all that you would ever require to grow your first crop of cannabis. Granted that it may be a little expensive but given the fact that it comes with premium quality materials along with a detailed guidebook, it would definitely be worth it.

#2. Hongruilite Indoor weed Grow kit– Weed grow kit with carbon filters

When it comes to complete marijuana grow kits it is important to take the overall price into consideration. This product certainly comes with a lower price tag than some of the other complete weed kits out there but it certainly comes loaded with all the requisite features as well as functionality that you would need. For starters, it comes with 600 W LED light which could prove to be a tad expensive but the great thing is that this product also offers you a 300 W LED light that you can opt for. You can use the 300 W LED bulbs initially, especially when your plants are just growing and then opt to upgrade later on.  What makes this LED light unique is that it comes with about 96 IW and 2W LED chips which makes it perfect for your cannabis crops and apart from this it also comes with a very compact 32”x32”x63” grow tent. The tent is sized just perfect and it comes with a 96% reflective and waterproof Mylar coating on the inside. The tent is composed of heavy duty canvas that’s thick (600 D) and which is certainly tear-proof as well, so it comes with the requisite durability that you would need in a grow tent.

It also comes with multiple venting sleeves as well as ports that you can use to circulate the air inside the tent and ensure that temperature, humidity and moisture are maintained at the right optimal levels. This product also comes with a 4 inch activated carbon filter which should be quite effective at removing the smell of marijuana as well as prevent any external odours from trickling in. The activated carbon filter comes with a life span of one to one and a half years, and you should be able to use the same for growing at least two to three yields if not more.  Check out some of the pros and cons of this product


  • It comes with both 300 W as well as 600 W LED grow light options
  • It comes with all the requisite accessories from the timer to carbon filter and filtration pipes, along with a 4-inch fan for exhaust
  • It is one compact complete grow weed package
  • It also comes with activated carbon filter which should keep the smell of marijuana at bay as well as prevent other odours from trickling in
  • It is quite affordable


  • It does not come with all the advanced tech gizmos that you may have seen with other grow tents. This tent comes with decent functionality and you can always purchase the requisite monitors separately.

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this is an affordable complete grow tent kit, that comes with all the functionality that you would need. Granted that it may not feature much by way of external monitors but that being said this is also one of the most decent and yet affordable complete grow tents in the market, that’s currently available.

#3. HTGSupply Weed grow kit– Hydroponic Pot Growing kit

When it comes to complete marijuana grow tent kits, this one stands apart in the sense that it comes with all the accessories that you could possibly ever need for growing your plants and more.  What’s interesting is that this complete weed grow tent kit comes from one of the well-established manufacturers of hydroponic systems and as such, they have also included the best hydroponic systems as part of the total package. This product comes with 3.5-gallon HTGSupply DWC hydroponic system and that’s just for starters. But what really makes this product stand out, apart from the fact that it is compact is that it is more of a “plug and play” sort of package and one that requires minimal assembly on your part. You can start using this grow tent the moment you receive it with a few tweaks and begin to grow your cannabis right away. As it is, it comes with a 474 W grow light which consumes little power and is perfect for your crop. You can adjust and dim the lights during the ‘growing phase’ and increase it later on.  It also comes with a complete and detailed manual so you can always tweak your tent accordingly. Check out some of the pros and cons of this complete weed grow tent kit,


  • It is quite compact and comes with the following dimensions, 39″x39″x79″
  • It utilizes a DWC hydroponic system for your crop
  • It also comes with ph Perfect fertilizer technology as well as a free nutrients combo packet
  • It also comes with an agro max grow tent, which is thick and durable enough
  • It is also quite affordable


  • It does not come with an activated carbon filter which can help mask the marijuana smell as well as prevent other odours

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The complete kit has one distinct advantage over most other similar products in the sense that it comes with customized hydroponic systems along with a nutrient package as well as patented PH fertilizer technology to enable your plants to grow faster. It may not feature several tech gizmos but you can always purchase these monitors later on. This product is definitely worth it.

#4. Gorilla Grow Weed grow kit

When it comes to grow tents, Gorilla grow tents are highly preferable to most others in the sense that they are height adjustable and you can increase the heights as your plants grow. This complete marijuana grow tent kit comes with a gorilla tent with the following dimensions, 2’x4′ and certainly makes for a complete and yet compact package. This tent is perfect for beginners in the sense it enables you to grow only a few plants at a time and above all, it does not come with any complicated assembly either. This grow tent is made of thick material and one that is also coated on the inside with reflective Mylar. It also comes with heavy duty zippers and should prevent any light from leaking out as well. This product comes with 6″ active hygrometer, grow light (450 Watt), clip-on fan, inline fan, duct tape, carbon filters, integrated hydroponic system and much more. It certainly manages to stand out for all the right reasons. Incidentally, it also comes with an analogue grounded timer as well; Just check out the pros and cons of this complete marijuana grow tent kit,


  • It comes with high quality, height adjustable gorilla grow tent
  • It comes with 450 W grow light which is perfect for growing your crop
  • It includes a good ventilation system for circulating air inside your tent
  • It comes with a reasonable price tag

Cons –

  • The design could have been slightly better

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This product is one of the best when it comes to complete weed grow tent kits in the market and it certainly comes with all the accessories that you would ever need and more. Just check through the various accessories that this product comes with and you would soon see why it is one of the popular ones in the market today.

#5. Topolite Complete marijuana grow tent kit

If you are looking for a complete marijuana kit, one that falls under $250 and yet, manages to feature the best in quality with good quality materials, then this is the product that you need to take a closer look at. It certainly offers you the best value for your money and comes packed with all the required functionality that you require to grow your weed under optimal conditions. This product is specifically designed for beginners and for those who are looking to grow only a plant or two. As it is, it comes with a compact grow tent with the following dimensions, 24″x24″x48″. But what really makes this product stand out is that it also comes with a full spectrum light for grow light and one which should enable your plants to grow faster. The kit also includes a hydroponic integrated grow tent, so that’s something you do not have to set up separately. As mentioned earlier, this is the perfect product for beginners as it comes with minimal assembly. But one of the best features, apart from its thick grow tent which is also tear proof, is that it comes with an active carbon based filtering system which filters the exhaust, and ensures complete prevention of marijuana smell from pervading the rest of your residence. It comes with multiple vents and fans for required circulation as well as silver flex ducting along with galvanized steel clamps to anchor the tent into place. Just check out some of the pros and cons of this complete weed kit,


  • It is affordable and should cost less than $250
  • It features full spectrum grow light
  • It comes with hydroponic integrated grow tent
  • It comes with a detailed manual as well as several free accessories


  • The only downside that we could think of, is that this tent is a tad too compact
  • You can use this product to grow only a few plants at a time, not more
  • It is certainly not suitable for those experienced or advanced weed cultivators.

Why you need complete marijuana grow tent kit

If you are looking to grow cannabis and just started the research, then you would already know by now that even a demister or a humidifier can cost a lot of money. And until recently, you had no option but to go for grow tents and then acquire the materials you need separately. This often turned it into an expensive exercise. But with recent tech advances, companies have now started to develop complete cannabis grow tent kit complete with all the accessories you need, as a single package/product. What’s more, these companies have started marketing the same with enthusiasm since it is apparently legal to d so now. Given the fact that there’s more than a few available in the market, you may want to review our reviews before choosing one of the best, check out the reviews posted below.

Factors that you may want to consider when purchasing complete marijuana grow tent kits

When you are contemplating the various complete marijuana grow kits that are commercially available, there are more than a few factors that you would do well to keep in mind.

  • Size: While there are variously sized tents that you could opt for, it is important that you first assess the measurements of a grow tent, and as to how much space is available. You could go in for a complete indoor grow tent, in which case you would need to factor in what else you may need to make it possible.
  • Cost: there are various complete marijuana growing tent kits that are available and it is not always a good idea to go for the cheapest one in the market. Chances are that you would end up with a canvas fabric, four tent poles and told to try your luck. It is essential that you choose a chosen brand, one that has already garnered some attention online for it’s grow tents. The point is that you need to select a product that comes with the requisite quality. And keep in mind that since you would be using the grow tent for several months to cultivate your crop of cannabis, you should, at the least, expect a grow tent that would last the duration.
  • Accessories: It would be a good idea to check out the different, complete marijuana grow tent kits, and see what sort of accessories come with the product. Some may not offer as many accessories as you would need for your grow tent while there are those who go all out to get you started on your quest to grow your first marijuana crop.
  • Utilities: Your grow tent must be located within easy access to power and water. You may also need a battery to ensure that your grow tent does not suffer from any power outage. Additionally, if you are planning to grow your cannabis plants hydroponically, then it is all the more important that your water pumps have continuous access to power in order to function. Even a simple power outage can end up destroying your whole harvest, so make sure that you are prepared for the same.

These are some of the factors that you would need to mull on as you contemplate complete marijuana grow tent kits in the market. Here are some of the top rated products in the market with detailed description and hopefully, it would help you choose the right one to meet your current requirements.


These are some of the complete marijuana grow tent kits in the market. Each one differs from the other, depending on some of its features as well as its usage. There are quite a few, complete kit packages in the market but only a few that stand out for the right reasons. So, if you are planning to grow marijuana commercially, or for personal use, then you need to do your research. You need to check some of the top rated products out, check out our detailed reviews, see what accessories that they come with and choose the right one that meets your current requirements. Do remember that you would also have to factor in durability so that the grow tent in question lasts you longer than just one batch. Once you have made your decision as to which complete weed kit is a good fit, you would need to figure out the place where you would store this tent so that you can grow your crop of marijuana under optimal conditions.

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