Best Gorilla Grow Tent Reviews for Cannabis 2019

If you are aware of grow tents and have a fair knowledge about the companies dealing with them, then it’s most unlikely for you to not have heard the name of the company that has made a remarkable name for itself in the past few years, the Gorilla Grow tents. It all started in 2011 when a group of California growers, engineers and designers thought of revolutionizing the future of indoor gardening.

They were not at all happy with the indoor hydroponic and soil grow tents that were available and aimed at building the thickest, the strongest and the most durable indoor grow tents that would have an instant height adjustment facility to cope up with the vertical grow space needed. The effort to build a grow tent that would standby their goal led to constant design modifications and after a lot of trials and failures and patent submissions they could finally come up with a product that justified the name itself, “Gorilla” epitomizing strength, reliability, durability and intelligence. Their mission was tall and clear, “to supply every grower with the most innovative and ideal indoor growing environment.”

Gorilla grow tents are available in a few different varieties like the original series, the lite-line, the shorty series and the limited edition. The series or lines differ in their design (Limited) or portability (Lite-line) or the type of plants to be grown (shorty) and all sizes are not available in every variety but they all have the basic qualities that a Gorilla grow tent stands for: quality, durability, strength and height adjustability. Though all the sizes are available with the Original Gorilla series.

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Before we delve into the few short-listed variants for our article, let’s have a look at factors that attribute Gorilla grow tents with their qualities.

Gorilla Grow Tents Features


The first thing that would add strength to your grow tent is it’s framework i.e the material with which the frame poles and fasteners are made and the way each pole is attached to its counterpart and Gorilla Grow tents leave no stones unturned to give the best solution possible. While the Original Gorilla grow tents and the Shorty series use 100% metal poles and fasteners to tightly secure them to position, the Lite-line has an interlocking stainless steel frame that not only stands for strength but also adds a lightweight portable feature to the tent.


The quality of the fabric is one of the most important factors when it comes to the durability of the grow tent. The thickness or the strength of the fabric is measured by denier (D), an unit that stands for the linear mass density of fibers or the mass in grams per 9000m of the fiber. The original gorilla grow tents and the Shorty line boast of a 1680D threaded reflective fabric that is at least 3-9 times denser than the ones more commonly used. This increased density of the fabric makes it more lightproof and more durable. In addition they have a unique diamond shaped reflective interior that increases the light reflection and redistribution while minimizing the hot spots and maximizing the effect of light on growth environment.

The Light-line on the other hand uses a much less dense fabric of 210D but utilizes a cutting edge PEVA binding technique to bind the exterior fabric to the diamond reflective interiors and thereby adding the strength and rigidity that normally a 210D fabric would have lacked.

Thick viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals and strong zippers are common to all Gorilla grow tents across all the varieties and add to the durability of the product.

Height Extensions:

This is another feature that is unique and common to all Gorilla grow tents. No longer will you have to worry about your plants outgrowing the space as Gorilla grow tents can be extended to a good 1-2 ft above its height to accommodate that extra growth. While the extension kit is inclusive in the Original or the Shorty series, it has to be bought separately in case of the Lite-line.

Now let’s glance through the different sizes of grow tents that are generally used and the best Gorilla grow tent that fits into that size specification.

Gorilla Grow Tent 2X4 (LITE-LINE):

Let’s start off with the basic model that is commonly used, the 2×4 grow tent. Though there are models smaller than this like the 2×2.5 but this is more frequently used and hence we choose this to be the first model to be reviewed by us. The small models or the models lower in line in terms of size are chosen keeping in mind the storing capacity and the portability of the grow tent and hence we choose the more portable variant from the Lite-Line series for our consideration. The Lite-line series had been brought up not only to aid portability by building an extra lightweight yet durable grow tent but also to come up with a model that even fits the budget of a beginner who is sceptical about spending much on his first grow tent.

The 2×4 Lite-line Gorilla Grow tent measures 2’ by 4’ by 6’7”. The 6’7” height of the grow tent is decent enough for regular indoor gardening and is much higher compared to the other similar sized models available in the market. This height can be further extended up to a foot but the extension kit is not included in the kit and has to be bought separately in case you need one.

The grow tent can be easily assembled with the help of the instruction manual that comes along with the kit. The basic framework of the tent is made of 100% stainless steel interlocking poles and connectors. This gives it a sturdy frame over which the entire grow tent stands. The grow tent canvas has a density of 210D but claims to be bonded to the diamond reflective interiors by a PVE bonding that gives rigidity and strength to the structure. The fabric along with sturdy industry best zippers and double concealing makes it completely lightproof and ideal for creating an environment favourable for plant growth.

Once fully assembled this grow tent weighs around 25lbs which makes it extremely lightweight but yet strong and reliable when it comes to performance.

The 2×4 Lite line Gorilla Grow tent has large EZ windows so that you can clearly have an eye on the plant growth without opening up the tent and disturbing the growth environment and a large door. The easy to access pouch is another important feature that adds value to this otherwise small tent. The tent has six 11” double cinching no leak ducting ports and two 3” electrical ports. They are secured tightly to the ducts and electrical wiring so that light and air entry is restricted even through any kind of gaps that may develop.

The tent boasts of a 360 degree easy wrap around access, micro mesh pest control pre-filters to eliminate the risk of pests infesting the growing plants and a large industrial strength spill tray to take care of the water and chemical spills if any.

Overall though the makers have compromised on a few factors to keep it within the budget but it would not affect much and is a perfect treat for small growers.

  • Affordable, lightweight yet sturdy and durable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • PVE bonding

  • Extension kit not included
  • No IR blocking roof
  • Small size
  • 210D Fabric

Next in the series is the 4×4 and we would again recommend the Lite line series in this size as well. The 4×4 provides more space than the previously mentioned model and is ideal for beginners as well as expert gardeners who have a shortage of space but can accommodate a 4×4. The height of this grow tent is again 6’7” and can be extended to 7’7” with the aid of a one foot extension kit. The extension kit does not come free with this grow tent and has to be purchased separately. The 4×4 lite line gorilla grow tent has an easy assembly instruction manual and can be set up without the need of professional help. The fully assembled grow tent measures 4’x 4’ x 6’7” and weighs just 30lbs.

The 4×4 Lite line gorilla grow tent has a strong frame built of 100% stainless steel interlocking poles with 16mm diameter and stainless steel connectors securing them to position. The lightweight yet sturdy frame is covered by a 210D density fabric. The interior has a light reflecting and re-distributing diamond shaped reflective material which is bound to the outer black opaque fabric by a PVE bonding which is unique and brings about rigidity to the product. The thick easy engage customized zippers, the double cinching ports add on to its effect in maintaining the internal growth environment.

The 4×4 grow tent has a strong flood tray to take care of the chemical spills, EZ view windows for frequent inspection on the plant growth, 360 degree convenient access through doorways and wraparound zippers and micro mesh pest control pre filters to keep away pests and insects away.

So if you go through the features of both the models in the lite line series carefully, you will find out that the only difference between the two is the size and in turn the weight. Though there is not much of an increase in the weight in accordance with the size. The 4×4 will give you twice the yield as compared to that of the 2×4. All other features in both these models are the same, even the height.

  • Decent indoor growing size
  • Durable yet affordable
  • Lightweight compared to the size
  • Flood tray
  • EZ view windows
  • Micro mesh pest control pre filters

  • Extension kit not included
  • No IR blocking roof
  • 210D Fabric

If there is a shortage of space in terms of height i.e if you have a low ceiling or you are looking for growing smaller plants, shrubs, propagation, vegetative growth and mothers , then the shorty can be the perfect match to meet your requirements. The 4×8 grow tent provides an even larger floor space but has a low height of 4ft 11in. The grow tent measures 4’ by 8’ by 4’11” and comes with a 9” height extension kit wherein you can increase the height of the entire tent to 5’8” just with the aid of the extension. It still is and will be a lot shorter than the average Gorilla grow tent which has a minimum height of 6’7” and hence the name shorty has been attached to this series.

The shorty may have a short height but Gorilla grow tents have in no way compromised on the durability and reliability of this product. It still bears all the essential qualities of the Gorilla grow tents. It has a 100% steel framework with steel connectors and corners that holds it in position. This all steel framework with steel poles of 22mm diameter can support up to 300lbs in terms of weight.

The frame is covered by a 1680D fabric that is black and opaque from outside while inside it is powered by diamond reflective walls. The thickness of the fabric not only adds strength to the tent but also provides proper insulation of heat and light. The industry best zippers, the double cinching ducting ports, the heavy duty durable flood tray, the EZ view windows, the 360 degrees wrap around access and the mesh pre-filters for pest control are common to all gorilla grow tents and the 4×8 shorty is also not devoid of these characteristics.

The shorty even has a IR blocking roof. The infrared blocking roof is not present in the Lite-Line series but is a standard and prominent feature in the Original Gorilla Grow tents. This adds to the heat insulation and prevents any heat penetration from the roof and maintains the internal environment of the grow tent to perfection.

Overall, a perfect Gorilla grow tent with ample space in terms of the number of plants that can be accommodated but with a height to fit in places with odd low ceilings.

  • Strong durable framework with 1680D fabric
  • Strong zippers, double cinching ducting ports
  • EZ view windows
  • IR blocking roof
  • EZ view windows
  • Perfect for low ceiling places

  • Short height
  • Not a very cheap option
  • Is not light weight and weighs 69lbs

The gorilla grow tents have come up with this attractive limited edition grow tents which is available in three different sizes and it deemed us fit to choose the limited edition for this size specification. The limited edition has all the features that the original Gorilla grow tent boasts off and in addition has a unique artico blue digital camo patterned exterior which makes it highly attractive. It gives you a break from the typical black exterior and adds more beauty and value to your indoor garden. The only negative feature of this limited value edition is that only 300 grow tents are manufactured in this category across all the three different sizes (the others being 2×4 and 5×9) and once they are sold out it will no longer be available for you to go for this option. There were 100 grow tents manufactured in this particular size.

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The 5×5 limited edition measures 5’ by 5’ by 6’11” and comes with two extension kits of one foot and two feet which can increase the height of the grow tent to 7’11” and 8’11” respectively. The extension kits are included with this limited edition grow tent.

The grow tent weighs around 66lbs and has a solid metal construction with 22mm diameter poles interlocking with each other. The canvas has a fabric density of 1680D and is completely light proof while the new GGT gorilla embossed reflective interior adds to the re-distribution of light throughout to ensure that each plant gets equal amount of light while there is maximum utilization of the energy.As already mentioned it has all the features of a Gorilla Grow tent viz. the EZ view windows, the easy access tool pouch, the 360 degree wrap around access, the best quality zippers,  the double cinching ducting ports, the infra-red blocking roof insertion, the pest control mesh pre-filters and the durable spill tray. It has 3 doors for easy access. This limited edition grow tent comes with a signed and numbered certificate for authenticity.

  • Arctic blue camo patterned exterior
  • New GGT gorilla embossed reflective interior
  • 3 doors for easy access
  • Sturdy durable frame with 1680D canvas
  • Two extension kits of 1 feet and 2 foot

  • Limited quantity available

It’s always advisable to save the best for the last and in case of the Gorilla Grow tents the original basic series is the best they have. And when it comes to a size of 10×10 the Gorilla grow tent manufacturers stick to their original version. The 10×10 GGT measures 10’ by 10’ by 6’11” and comes with two extension kits of 1’ and 2’ and is more suited for professionals who have taken indoor gardening a bit too seriously. The 10×10 obviously will require a lot of space and is heavy weighing a whooping 159lbs.

The 100% steel interlocking poles and the 1680D canvas provide the perfect structure to this large grow tent. It has all the basic Gorilla grow tent features (EZ view windows, 360 degree wraparound access, IR blocking roof, mesh pest control pre-filter, spill tray, easy access tool pocket) along with three doors for easy access, 14 double cinching 11” ducting ports and 8 electrical ports of 3” each.

  • For professional indoor gardeners
  • IR blocking roof
  • 100% metal frame with 1680D canvas
  • Easy assembly


Final Words

When it comes to hydroponic or indoor gardening options, Gorilla grow tents provide you with the best experience, be it the budget Lite-line or the low height shorty or the attractive Gorilla Limited or the rugged Original Gorilla Grow tent and they are every penny worth the investment.

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