Best Grow Tents 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Grow Tents 2019 : Grow tents have become quite popular in the past few years and if you are in to gardening then you might well understand the need of a steady environment as well as a steady and uniform light source required for the growth of your plants. Grow tents offer an environment which can be monitored to favour optimal growth of your plants through various stages of growth, starting from germination through the vegetative stage and finally to the blooming or flowering stage. Most indoor growers have been using grow tents successfully and have received amazing results in terms of yield and productivity.

Grow tents come in a wide array of sizes, make and built and you can choose according to the need. A beginner can start off with as small as a 2’x2’ grow tent while a thorough professional can need a 5’x9’ tent. So choosing the best grow tent is not easy and each size has it’s contenders and competitors. We have carefully chosen one from each popular size to give you a range of products that you can choose from easily and you do not have to look elsewhere for an option.

All the grow tents mentioned in our list of best grow tents 2019 have been carefully chosen taking into account their durability, performance, the ability to reflect light, ease of use, and many other factors that contribute to building of and maintaining the right environment for your plants while keeping in mind the manufacturers reputation in this industry so that you get a list of the best grow tents available in the market.

Best Grow Tent Reviews 2019

iPower is a reliable brand and it as been delivering quality indoor gardening equipments for over a decade. Theirhydroponic grow tents provide a perfect environment for growing exotic fruits , vegetables, herbs , flowers and seasonal fruits all around the year. Though available in a number of different sized variants, this model gives you a grow space of 48″x24″ and a height of 60″.
The iPower grow tent has a sturdy built with a frame made by interconnecting self clicking metal bars and metal connectors. The metal hanging bars are locked in position from the upper frame bars and can hold up to 110lbs of weight. You can easily hang grow lights, fans and other equipments without worrying.
The thick canvas that covers this strong frame is tear proof and blocks any light from leaking. The 100% light proof quality of the tent is further enhanced by large heavy duty zippers and double stitching which ensures that there is no risk of leakage and the controlled environment is maintained inside the tent to favour optimum growth. It also prevents odor from going out and pests from entering the grow space.

The inner highly reflective mylar lining reflects 92-92% of the light from the grow lights to the plants and increases the productivity while not affecting the electricity bill. It features multiple double layered intake and exhaust ports that aid in moisture and vapor control. Through these ports you can implement ductwork, fans, filter and electric appliances. The unit also has a water resistant removable spill tray with security straps that hold the tray securely to the frame. The tray takes care of fluid spills and keeps the area clean.

The unit can be easily assembled with the help of the manual and does not require specialised tools or professional help to do so. It will hardly take you 20 minutes to complete the entire set up.

The grow tent is backed by a one year warranty from the manufacturer

  • Sturdy stainless steel frame with interlocking bars and connectors
  • Hanging rods are heavy duty and can hold up to 110lbs
  • Thick 100% light proof canvas with reflective mylar lining
  • Double cinching ducts, heavy duty zippers and double stitching eliminate any risk of leakage
  • Water resistant spill tray

  • Height adjustment may need some assistance

We have already told you about Gorilla grow tents and there’s no doubt about it that they are the best in business. This is a large grow tent but surely not the largest that they have to offer. You will also get original Gorilla Grow tents in sizes of 8×8; 8×16; 9×9; 10×10 and 10×20. But the one we have chosen is one of the largest tents that are used for non commercial purposes.

Now let’s have a look at the features that give them an edge over the rest and make them the best grow tents available worldwide. Firstly they are the tallest grow tents available and they come with extension kits. This particular model is supported with two extension kits of 1 ft and two ft so that the height can be increased to 7’11” and 8’11” respectively. It has a superior design with multiple access points and you can place the tent horizontally or vertically depending on your storage space. The super durable 22mm powder coated metal poles can be easily set up to form the frame. They interlock with each other through metal connectors. The durability of the tent is further enhanced by the use of very thick canvas. The 1680D canvas is the thickest that is used in the industry while most other grow tents use a 600D canvas. Gorilla grow tents are 6-9times denser than their competitors. The durability is more pronounced by the use of super sturdy easy engage zippers that will last long and will not give away easily. The Infra red blocking roof protection is unique to the original Gorilla grow tents.

The interior boasts of the diamond reflective technology that reflects 100% of the light.

The tent has large EZ vie windows, a 360 degree convenient access with three doors, removable floor pan tray, eight double cinching 11” ducting ports, three 4” electrical ports and micro mesh bug resistant pre filters.

Obviously with so much to offer this grow tent will not come at a throw away price and is expensive. But if you take into account the quality then its worth every penny of your investment.

  • 1680D canvas
  • Diamond reflective technology
  • 22mm powder coated poles
  • 360 degree access and large EZ view windows
  • Double cinching ducting ports
  • Bug resistant filters

  • May be a little difficult to put up
  • Expensive

If you are a beginner and want to start off with a small grow tent suited for growing just one or two plants, then Cool Grows 2’x2’x4’ Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent is the perfect choice for you. Though also available in other size variants, for our article’s sake we would be concentrating on this model.

A small and affordable variant, do not think that the quality of the product is compromised owing to its low price. The basic structure of the grow tent is obtained by powder coated metal bars and metal connectors that bring about sturdiness to the frame. This is followed by a 600D heavy duty material that is again extremely durable and tear proof. This 600D material along with the almost perfect stitches can block 99% light from entering or leaving the grow tent. The zippers along with their protective covering or flaps prevent seepage and add to the effect.

The inner mylar lining of the tent is 99% reflective and not only blocks the light from escaping but also magnifies the power of the grow light and redirects it to the plants.

You can check on your plants without actually disturbing the internal environment with the aid of a small viewing window. The window is an interesting addition to the grow tent and you can just have a peek inside without opening the tent.

The entire grow tent can be easily installed with the help of the instruction manual that comes with the unit. It has a mylar spill tray that will take care of any liquid spills and nylon hanging straps with plastic buckles. The spill tray can be easily removed and cleared off its contents without making a mess on the floor space. Thus it also helps in keeping the area clean. There are two vents to regulate the air flow and bring about proper effective ventilation in the system.

The product is backed by a one year hassle free warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy metal frame and 600D heavy duty exterior
  • 99% reflective inner mylar lining
  • Spill tray
  • Viewing window

  • Zippers are not of the best quality and zipping/unzipping can pose a problem if done regularly

Another small tent but slightly large compared to the one mentioned before, the Oshion 4’x2’x5’ small indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent has been receiving great reviews from consumers and is slowly growing in popularity among small indoor growers. Perfect for 2-3 plants this is again a very reliable and affordable option available in a number of sizes.

Designed to mimic a wardrobe, it has a sturdy powder coated metal frame. The frame is built by snapping in easy click metal bars, corners and connectors that makes the assembling of the grow tent easy apart from bringing about strength to the frame.

Like the Cool Grow variant, this too has a 600D heavy duty black exterior that makes it sturdy and tearproof along with a highly reflective mylar lining that magnifies the light from the grow lights and enhance their effective intensity. The super thick fabric with flapped zippers eliminate any risk of leakage of light.

It has a observation or viewing window, an easy access door, three hanging bars for your grow lights, two double extract socks and one cable socks along with three passive vents with micro mesh filters. These filters keep away pests from entering the grow area and infesting your plants while bringing about proper ventilation in the tent.

It also has a massive removable water resistant spill tray so that the floor area is clean and the fluid spills can be taken care of.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy metal frame and 600D heavy duty exterior
  • 99% reflective inner mylar lining
  • Spill tray
  • Three vents with micro mesh filters

  • Manual or instruction booklet is not very handy
  • Hanging bar could be a little more sturdy
  • No proper warranty period mentioned

Apollo Horticulture is a well known name in the indoor gardening industry. It has been combining time honored agricultural techniques and the new day technological advances to come up with products that you can’t say “NO” to. The Apollo Horticulture 36”X36”X72” mylar hydroponics grow tent is no exception. Other size variants are also available and some of them will be later discussed in this article.

The frame as well as the hanging bars are set up by self clicking interconnecting metal bars that give strength and durability to the structure. This is topped by a thick heavy duty fabric that is double stitched to add strength and to block the entry and exit of light. The entire structure enhances the lifespan of the product, prevent light and odour from going out and keeps pests and insect out of the grow tent.

 The interiors have a highly reflective mirror like mylar lining that blocks 100% light, increases the intensity of the grow light and retains the heat maintaining an optimal temperature required for the plants to thrive. It not only increases the efficiency of the grow light but reduces the electrical consumption as well.

The zippers are sturdy and easy flowing and wouldn’t pose a problem anytime.

There is a large easy access front door, two viewing windows one on each side, meshed panels at the bottom for ventilation and round openings to pipe air in and out as well as the power cords and a large removable mylar spill tray. This is only entry of 3×3 grow tent in our list of best grow tents 2019.

The installation pamphlet will guide you through an easy set up process. The unit is backed by a 90 day warranty and a 30 day money back policy wherein you can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase and get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

  • Self clicking interconnecting metal bars
  • Heavy duty fabric with double stitching
  • Tear proof reflective interior lining
  • Spill tray
  • 2 Viewing window and a easy access door

  • No flaps over zippers

Gorilla Grow tent is another well known name in the industry. They have recently come up with a more affordable version of their original grow tents with a simple change here and there to bring down the cost of the product and introduced them in the LITE series. The lite series have exceptional portability owing to its lightweight. The LTGGT22 is a member from this series. The grow tent measures 2’X2.5’X5.7’ and can be extended to the height of 6’7” with the aid of a foot long extendable kit which is sold separately. Once fully assembled this grow tent weighs around 25lbs which makes it extremely lightweight but yet strong and reliable when it comes to performance.It is sturdier and more durable than any options available in this similar sized option.

To start off with its the frame. The 100% steel interlocking frame provides the perfect structure to grow your plants within it. The super heavy built is definitely worth a mention. The sturdy frame is covered by a 210D “Easy On” Grow tent canvas that can be set up in a jiffy. The 210D canvas is not thick enough and as sturdy as the 1680D canvas in the original gorilla series but it is claimed to be bonded to the diamond reflective interiors by a PVE bonding that adds exceptional strength and rigidity to its structure. The frame , the fabric and the industry best zippers are the essential elements behind the durability of the product. They also contribute in making the grow tent completely lightproof and thereby aid in creating an ideal environment for the growth of plants.

 The LTGGT22 Gorilla Grow tent has large EZ windows for easy viewing and a large door for easy access. Another important feature is the easy to access pouch. You can just keep your necessary tools in this pouch and access it anytime. The tent has six 11” double cinching no leak ducting ports and two 3” electrical ports. They are secured tightly to the ducts and electrical wiring so that light and air entry is restricted even through any kind of gaps that may develop.

The tent boasts of a 360 degree easy wrap around access, micro mesh pest control pre-filters to eliminate the risk of pests infesting the growing plants and a large industrial strength spill tray to take care of the chemical spills if any.

  • Affordable, lightweight yet sturdy and durable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • PVE bonding
  • Micro mesh pest control pre filters

  • Extension kit not included
  • No IR blocking roof
  • Extension kit to be brought separately

We have already mentioned in details about a smaller variant of this tent. This variant too stands by the promises made by Apollo Horticulture “to be the guiding light for indoor gardening”. This 4’x4’ grow tent with a height of 80” is not the one to fit in your closet but provides ample space for a medium sized yet efficient indoor garden.

The frame or structure of the grow tent is brought about by interconnecting metal bars, corners and connectors. The use of metal connectors instead of plastic ensures security and stability to the structure. The poles also support your grow lights fans etc and you do not have to worry about the weight as these sturdy metal bars can hold them easily and effortlessly.

The metal structure is covered by a thick black canvas that not only protects the plants from pests and other harmful objects but also does not let the odor from getting out of the tent especially if you are growing marijuana. The thick canvas, the double stitching and the heavy duty metal zippers add durability to the grow tent and make them 100% light proof.

The inner lining has a highly reflective mylar face that reflects most of the light from the grow lights and redirects them to the plants ensuring an enhanced light intensity. This tear proof mylar lining also helps in retaining the heat and favors plant growth.

The grow tent has a large easy access door, two viewing windows, mesh panels at the bottom to improve ventilation and intake exhaust ducts as well as a removable mylar floor tray.

Though there is a manual that instructs you how to set up the tent but it may need some assistance and can be a little tricky at times.

The grow tent is backed by a 90 days warranty and a 30 day money back policy in case you are not satisfied with your product.

  • Self clicking interconnecting metal bars
  • Heavy duty fabric with double stitching
  • Tear proof reflective interior lining
  • Mylar Spill tray
  • 2 Viewing window and a easy access door
  • 30day money back policy

  • No flaps over zippers
  • Installation can be a bit tricky
  • 90day warranty is too less compared to some companies which offer a yearlong warranty

The Suncoo Indoor grow tent is an excellent option in this category. This premium quality grow tent with features and durability comparable to any high end option comes at a throw away price and can be an easy choice if you are on a shoe string budget.

The sturdy frame is set up by interlocking powder coated steel poles with detachable hanging bars that can easily take the weight of your lamps or fans. None of the parts used in this frame is made of plastic and hence the frame doesn’t give away even to harsh conditions easily.

The outer 600D black canvas is equivalent to the industry standards and coupled with heavy duty metal zippers and double stitching gives the tent a complete light proof space that is ideal for the growth of your plants.

The inner Mylar lining has a reflectivity of 95% and can be a matter of concern to some as the industry best have a 100% reflective lining, but the 5% loss may not matter much if you compare the yield and the electrical consumption at stake.

It has a large accessible door and nice mesh windows for viewing your plants from outside.

The ventilating windows at the bottom, the double ducts , and the floor spill tray add to its features.

  • 600D fabric
  • Mylar lining
  • Mylar Spill tray
  • Mesh viewing windows
  • Adequate ventilation

  • Warranty information not given
  • 95% reflectivity

This is a premium quality product and you will well understand why it is so once you have read about it. Though some company shop direct distributors are using Finnhomy’s name to sell some cheap used grow tents. You should be extra careful while buying one and should always look for the Finnhomy brand in the package.

This free standing professional grade grow tent is a perfect solution for amateurs as well as professional indoor gardeners. It is suitable for use with all growing systems, whether it’s hydroponic, aeroponic or soil based and is compatible with all kinds of grow lights viz. Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL or T5) and HID( MH,HPS or Dual arc).

The interlocking heavy duty powder coated tubular steel poles provide the perfect framework for a thick 600D oxford nylon fabric to form the outer covering of the grow tent. This commercial grade fabric is completely non-toxic, tear proof, puncture resistant, waterproof and also mildew and fire resistant. It is double stitched to eliminate any risk of leakage while the easy access large door is supported by SBS zippers. These oversized industrial grade coiled zippers can easily go around the corners without opening or separating the tabs. There are removable upper rails that are suitable for hanging lights and can withstand a weight of 110lbs.

The inner lining of the canvas has a 100% reflective mylar lining.The inner lining is thermally adhered to the outer fabric and is fade proof, tear proof and washable. The grow tent also features multiple duct ports with drawstrings, mesh covered vent windows with integral flaps to control the entry and exit of light, a separate floor pan with 5” tall lip along with the mylar floor tray. The separate floor pan provides a second layer of protection in case the mylar tray gives way to the fluid spills.

The manual guides you through the entire set up process which will hardly take a few minutes .

Above all if you are not satisfied with the product you can email the manufacturers and they will take care of the same.

  • Interconnecting steel poles and 600 D nylon fabric
  • 100% reflective inner mylar lining.
  • SBS zippers
  • Multiple ducts and air vents
  • Mylar tray with a separate floor pan for added security

  • Beware of used tents that use the name of FINNHOMY

Vivosun Horticulture provides premium horticulture products at affordable prices. This is a pretty large grow tent which will give your plants ample growing space and has a lot of space for air circulation as well.

The metal self clicking interlocking poles form the base of the strength that this tent boasts of. The metal corners and connectors are so made that they do not punch the fabric and also provide durability to the tent. A 600D tear proof canvas covers the frame and is double stitched to block light. This extra thick canvas with the 100% reflective inner mylar lining provides the perfect growing environment for your plants. While the canvas makes it light proof and prevents the entry of pests and maintains the inner weather and temperature, the inner lining reflects the light to about 98% so that there is minimum light wastage and the intensity of the light from the grow bulbs is enhanced. The dual ventilation docks help in air circulation and also aids in controlling the environment inside.

The metal zippers are said to be sturdy but we still feel that this is one area where the Vivosun Grow tents can improve.

Additional features include the easy view windows, ducts, an accessible tool pouch and a removable floor tray.

The tent is backed by a two year warranty.

  • Interlocking steel poles
  • 600D canvas with 100% reflective mylar lining
  • Tool pouch, removable floor tray
  • Easy view windows
  • Dual ventilation docks

  • Zippers could be better


So we have given you a list of some of the best grow tents available in the market that spans across a wide variety of sizes. Most of them are highly affordable except the last Gorilla original grow tent which is a little expensive. But if you are a serious indoor gardener then Gorilla grow tents will be the perfect choice for you. Their durability and performance is way ahead of others and hence the difference in the price. But all said and done you can always do away with the other inexpensive options in our best grow tents 2019 which are equally good in terms of performance and you wouldn’t regret your decision to say the least.

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