Best Stealth Grow Boxes 2019 : For Growing Marijuana Indoors

Best Stealth Grow Boxes 2019 : Have you ever thought of growing marijuana indoors without your neighbours prying on you? Are you worried that the pungent odor of the flowering plant may reach inquisitive guests? Here’s a solution to all your worries. Now you can actually grow the cannabis indoors, stealthily without anybody knowing it.

Often also known as Stealth boxes, these grow boxes can be tucked away from the visibility of others and can be easily passed away as a locker. They will not only help you grow your plants in perfectly controlled environmental conditions but will also keep the odor and the sight of them away from any visitor.

Let’s now have a look at the best marijuana grow boxes that are available in the market.

Best Stealth Grow Boxes and Cabinets 2019

The Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box is ideal for first time growers as you just need to plug it in, choose the nutrients carefully and start growing your first hydroponic crop. Dealzer is the manufacturer of this best stealth grow box and they have taken the stealth part a little too seriously. So much so that the grow box has been designed with stealth as it’s priority and hence it’s difficult to spot it and can be kept away from the visibility of neighbours easily. This affordable yet highly equipped grow box is easy to use and comes with a user manual that guides you through the entire procedure while the lifetime technical support and warranty will be at your service whenever you need and hence lives up to the promise that Dealzer makes I.e to make it’s grow boxes accessible to all.

The strong durable yet affordable built is due to the 0.5” MDF that it is made of. The cabinet measures 24”x13.5” and is 36”. The cabinet can easily house up to 9 plants and auto flowering strains can be easily grown for more than 9 crops per year. The door with the secure lock keeps the plants away from the reach and sight of others.

This budget friendly grow box uses Deep Water Culture hydroponics. This system is relatively easy to use and the plants get their share of nutrients from their roots which are hung in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. The only matter of concern is that the nutrient solution should be sufficiently oxygenated. The nine plant DWC hydro system in this grow box is equipped with a three and a half gallon reservoir and a powerful air pump to carry on the process. The Marina 75 air pump provides the necessary oxygen for the deep water culture system. It operates at 1500cc per minute providing 2.5psi of pressure and is large enough to supply ample oxygen to the root systems while making minimum or almost no noise.

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The light for the plants is provided by six CFL grow bulbs of 60W each. The 360W light at 6500K is sufficient fro both the vegetative and the blooming stage. The CFL bulbs keep the heat to a bare minimum so that even plants close to the light will not be at a risk of burning and will also save a lot of electricity, thus reducing your running cost considerably. Alternatively you can also use a Spectrum King LED if you want to supply the plants with a full spectrum illumination. The light distribution and minimal wastage of the available light is further enhanced by the Hiflect insulation.

The 24 hour cycle analog timers will aid in maintaining the lighting as well as the nutrient supply regime for your plants.

The air inside the cabinet is well circulated by a high spec 80mm PC fan which is rated at 28CFM and runs at 2,200RPM. This noise free fan adds to the stealth effect of this grow box while the dual carbon filters takes care of the odor.

As already mentioned this unit is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Another product from the SuperPonics Hydroponic system, the SuperCloset SuperBox is the most compact seed to harvest grow box from this manufacturer. It measures 24”x18” and is 30” tall. With this small size it can fit in almost anywhere and everywhere but that does not affect the performance of the unit. It is equipped with all the necessary features that a SuperCloset Grow box boasts off. The grow box is made of 16 gauge steel and is a secure lockable fully automated grow cabinet. This best stealth grow box not only supports a hydroponics system but can accommodate soil as well. You can grow up to 8 plants at a time in this unit.

The SuperBox is a single chamber hydroponics system that allows you to go from the seedling to the harvesting phase in a single chamber effortlessly. The Grow box makes use of a 10 gallon reservoir with the fully automated SuperPonics watering system. The system combines Deep water culture, Aeroponics, Bubbleponics and Top Feed to provide t he plants with the optimal nutrients and oxygen required for their growth. This system ensures maximum possible yield. A Net trellis can be adjusted to support the plants. The Superponics system is aided in its operation by a water pump and an air pump. The water pump has a capacity of 185GPH and is robust magnetic oil free and noise free. The Eco Air 2 or the air pump helps in oxygenating the nutrient rich solution and is adjustable.

The plants are supplied with their share of light by a 200W warm Spectrum Feliz CFL lighting system which is well distributed throughout the chamber by anti-mold reflective adjustable panels. The lighting system provides a 10000 lumen full spectrum that can support the plants through all the growing stages. The CFL system along with the air circulation are responsible for the cooling of the chamber.

The four corner air circulation is successfully brought about by a high speed fan with two speed options of 100 or 160cfm. The air that is circulated is filtered by an industrial grade OdorSok activated carbon filter.

The other features in this unit includes the hygrometer, analog timer, the pH control, The TDS meter, the Industrial Power strip by Balkin and the GFCI shock buster.

The SuperBox comes with the TechnaFlora Recipe for success Nutrient Starter Kit, the measuring cup and the instructional DVD and is backed by the three year warranty and complimentary 7day/week lifetime tech support.

Handmade in the USA these boxes are built to grow plants even in the roughest of conditions. The Cash crop grow boxes promises to provide you with everything except the seeds. You have an option to select from their standard and deluxe models. The models vary in their measurements. While the standard model measures 16.5″x11.25” with a height of 28” approximately the deluxe model is around 35” tall . This compact and affordable grow box is ideal for small growers and can accommodate up to 6 plants with soil or hydroponics as the medium. The best stealth grow box is light in weigh and durable and has lockable latches to keeps the contents safely away and unreachable to strangers.

The cabinet is lit up internally by Quasar LED grow light. This light has a full spectrum band with a 420nm to 460nm for the vegetative stage and 630nm to 660nm for the flowering or blooming stage. The LED lights eliminate the risk of heat generation which is further reduced by the advanced air circulation in the cabinet.

The reflective film that lines the inside of the cabinet acts as a reflective insulator and aids in light distribution as well. The light bounces back from these walls and reach every nook and corner of the cabinet. There is minimal light loss and the uniformity is also maintained.

A single 80 mm high speed low noise fan circulates the air inside the cabinet while the carbon protected intake and exhaust systems protect the grow plants from being infested by pests. It also enhances the dissipation of heat and keeps away the pungent odor from going outside. The odor is controlled by an Ozium scent equalizer apart from the carbon filter.

The deep water culture system has a 1.5 gallon reservoir and a 40 GPH submersible water pump. Strong air pump supplies oxygen to the water while an air hose and an air stone circulate the oxygen rich water and aerates it.

The cabinet comes with six pieces of 2” hydroponic net pots, six plant starter plugs derived from peat moss, a set of RX green nutrients with auto adjusting pH and a dual control grounded timer.

The unit is backed by a lifetime of warranty and technical support which can be easily reached through phone or email.

SuperCloset also known as SuperPonics is the leading manufacturer of Grow boxes in the world. Founded in 2002 in a garage literally, the company has come along way and has won many accolades and awards in innovation and design for its products. Suitable for both small indoor growers or hobbyists and commercial indoor growers, the SuperCloset SuperLocker LED 3.0 is one of the best grow boxes available in the market. This hydroponic grow box is equipped with dual chambers to facilitate continuous growing.

To start off with this best stealth grow box is small and can be tucked away easily. The box measures 15”x24” and has a height of 66”. You can fit them into tight spaces and benefit from 30” grow height inside even then. The key lock doors will keep your marijuana safe and will not be visible to prying neighbors. The unit mimics a gym locker from the outside made of a powder coated high grade steel, but inside as mentioned it’s a dual chamber grow cabinet.

The two chambers include the cloning chamber and the main chamber. The cloning chamber comprises of a 14-site SuperCloner and two 24W T-5 6500K fluorescent bulbs. The 14 site SuperCloner along with the T-5 bulbs will give you the ideal environment most suited for new plants. The deep water culture hydroponic system aid in rapid white root development and you can clone germinate and vegetate your plants in this chamber until they are ready to be transplanted.

The rock wool cubes act as a stable foundation for the roots while the clay grow rocks help they grow into robust plants.

The main chamber on the other hand can house up to 8 plants and has a wide array of features. It has a 3W KIND LED K3 12 band full spectrum LED grow light that perfectly suits the growing space. The grow light does not generate much heat, is energy efficient and provide the ideal color spectrum. It is equivalent to 300W. To complement the LED lights during flowering T-5 fluorescent side lights provide the cool spectral supplement to increase the under canopy production. The anit-mold reflective, removable and adjustable panels add to their effect by providing optimal light distribution.

It has a SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic grow system which is a fully automated SuperPonics sytem that combines both Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed Oxygenation thus making it grow twice as fast and safer than single hydroponic systems and 5 times faster than growing on soil. It has a reservoir which can hold up to 8 gallons of water.

The flow of the hydroponic system is controlled by a 132GPH pump. It has a powerful, oil free high magnetic motor, a ceramic shaft and bearing so that you can have a smooth and quiet operation. Plugged into the designated timer you can be rest assured that the plants would never run out of water. This automated watering system along with the trellising system accounts for the increase in yields by about 30%.  Alternately the Eco Air Series pumps are responsible for delivering the requires levels of oxygen.

The airflow in this grow box is maximised by air circulation fan to improve its performance furthermore. The height and the tilt angle can be easily adjusted to mimic a fresh breeze flowing through the garden. This is absent in most grow box systems.

The Industrial grade carbon filter used in this grow box keeps the odor from going out. These filters can last upto two years before they need to be replaced.

The digital thermometer/ hygrometer to keep a check on the temperature and humidity, a TDS meter to check the quality of water, the hydroponics pH control unit, the analog single timer add on to the features of this highly advanced grow box.

The GFCI plug adaptor and the Belkin Industrial Power Strip adds safety to the unit and protects it from electrical surges , imbalances and malfunctions. SuperCloset Superlocker LED 3.0 is backed by a three year warranty and a complimentary seven day lifetime support. Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Bundle Starter Kit and the DVD instruction kit will guide you through the entire process even if you are a beginner.

The SuperCloset Trinity is a fully automated LED grow box that has most of the features that any SuperCloset grow box would boast off but with a difference. The first thing that would strike you is it’s size. This unit measures 24”x72” with a height of 72” and so it’s larger than the ones we have already mentioned in the list. Yes it obviously has the 16 gauge powder coated high grade steel built and comes with the secure lock and key option common to SuperCloset units.

Secondly this is a triple chamber unit designed to obtain a perpetual cycle growth with maximum output.It ha a single cloning chamber and two vegetative chambers. So you can actually reduce your harvest time and double your yield with this unit.

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The cloning chamber comprises of a 50-site SuperCloner, two 24W T5 Fluorescent bulbs at 6500K and an adjustable shelf. The adjustable cloning chamber has a 100% success rate and plays an integral part in continuous harvesting.

The vegetative chambers on the other hand can hold up to 16 plants each and each chamber comprises of the SuperPonics watering system with a 15gallon reservoir,Net trellis system, a 12 bandwith full spectrum KIND LED light, a reflective anti mold light distributing panel,a YO-Yo system that places the light at the right height, a Supplemental T5 side lighting, air circulation system, air and water pumps, air filter and the essential metering systems like the thermometer, TDS meter, pH control, analog timers.

The LED light is of the K3 series L450 which use 3W LED with a spectrum designed to favor larger yields and maintain a cooler environment. The Secondary optical lens increases the PAR value and  enhances the penetration power by about 200%.

The fully automated controls with the hydrometer are placed at the back of the unit so that the cabinet has a clean decent look.

The SuperCloset systems are backed with a three year warranty and a lifetime tech support and comes with an instructional DVD for guiding you through the process.


Most of the units mentioned in our list of best Stealth Grow Boxes 2019 are from SuperCloset with an exception of the Grandma’s Secret garden and Cash Crop 5.0. This is because the SuperCloset is by far the leading producer of grow boxes and it’s difficult to find one that can match it’s specifications in any size variant. There are a host of other size variants including the large SuperCloset BUDDHA that we have left out on but most of them have the same features varying on the size and hence the yield. You can choose from any of the above , just follow the instructions and start growing your own secret garden of marijuana plants without others paying any heed.

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