Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light Review

If you are a professional indoor gardener or even an enthusiast who wants to start off with an indoor garden of his own, you might well know that LED grow lights have been replacing the HID lights quite successfully in the recent years. These lights are much light in weight, have a broader spectrum ,emit less or almost no heat and consume less electricity while providing you with the optimal light conditions required for your plant growth. Not only that these LED lights are also equipped with controls so that you can use one grow light unit across all the growing stages from germination to blooming.

GalaxyHydro is a well known generic LED grow light brand that offers affordable and cheap solutions to these problems and Roleadro is the new brand behind GalaxyHydro. With the latest updated lighting systems and LED technologies to their credit, these LED growlights are well above their competitors in terms of yield, performance and durability and with their new range of white LEDs they have managed to cut down on the price considerably, that you need to spend for such a unit.

The Roleadro 300W LED grow light Review


The Roleadro 300W LED grow light has a sturdy design that accounts for the durability of the product. Let’s start off by finding out the essentials of the design and the parts that are responsible for its high popularity in the market. The Epileds LED chips along with the Zener protectors are fixed on an aluminum substrate circuit board. An acrylic panel tops the assemble followed by the LED circuit board which is in turn followed by a board that contains the heat sinks, the cooling fans and the isolated power supply units. The entire assemble is placed in an aluminum shell. The unit measures 12.1”x8.2”x2.4” and comes with a power cord and a metal hanger. The 300W LED grow light weighs around 5lbs and is capable of delivering about 5000 lumens.


The Roleadro 300W LED grow light features 60 pieces of 5W full spectrum LED lights. In this highly advanced second generation LED grow light, each LED light is of full spectrum (380nm-780nm) made to perfection with a bluer light ratio to enhance the growth of leaves in the vegetative stage. The full spectrum LEDs are lot better than the blue or red LEDs wherein a ratio has to be maintained and you need to know how to operate them so that they can be useful even in the blooming stages.  These full spectrum lights will help you in the entire growing stage of the plant. In this case you just need to worry about adjusting the height in accordance with the plant growth stage.

The color temperature is set to around 3000K to optimise growth of leaves, flowers and herbs. The LED grow light simulates sunlight and the light lenses are a mix of 90degrees and 120 degrees so that there is an increase in the penetration as well as the coverage area of the light. All the LEDs are Epileds and hence you can rely on their durability. This light system not only generates an uniform high penetrating light throughout but is also capable of generating 25% more nutrients compared to the standards. Hence they provide more yield while consuming less electricity.

Zener Protectors:

Each LED is connected to a zener protector, so that even if one or more LEDs are not working, the entire circuit of the unit is not interrupted and the other LEDs still work. This enhances the lifespan of the unit to a great extent.

Aluminum Substrate :

The LEDs are fixed on a circuit board with an aluminum substrate that takes care of the safety of these LEDs.

Acrylic Panel Cover:

The acrylic panel cover protects the LEDs and the panel from harmful external agents like dust and microparticles.

Cooling System:

The Roleadro Full Spectrum 300W LED grow light boasts of an advanced cooling system. The temperature of the unit is maintained at 27degrees F to optimise plant growth. This is brought about by 2 ETL certified cooling fans and an advanced heat sink. These fans take away the heat generated from the LED lights and vent it out through the pores in the aluminum panel. They do their job with perfection while consuming minimal energy and emitting minimal noise (less than 55dB).

The advanced aluminum heat sink along with the cooling fans efficiently keeps the heat inside the tent balanced. Neither the plants nor the LED circuit is harmed due to overheating. It will not generate any noticeable heat even after 18 hours of continuous operation and is about 75% cooler than any MH/HPS system. The cooling system aids in increasing the life span of the unit to a great extent.

Power Consumption:

The actual power consumed by the unit is 124W in 110V and around 122W in 220 V wiring.

AC Input Voltage:

The light requires an input voltage between 85-265V and hence can be almost used in any part of the world.

Coverage Area:

When hung from a height of 24”, the Roleadro grow light has a core coverage of 2’x2’ and a maximum coverage of 3’x3’.


The Roleadro 300W full spectrum grow light comes with a two year warranty and a 30 day hassle free return or money back policy in case you are not satisfied with the product. With over 9 years of experience in their kitty you can expect prompt solution from their customer care in case of any hassle with the product.

9.4 Total Score
Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light Review

With a high luminosity, a full spectrum range that can support you through all the growing stages, a durable product with a great lifespan and a renowned manufacturer to back the efforts, these lights are worth investing in and are even highly recommended for beginners. The LED unit has a lifespan of 50000 hours and can actually last you for a good 10 years with minimum or no maintenance and the price that they come in is extremely low and is highly affordable. So overall, a product that is useful as well as low on cost, we can well understand the reason behind it receiving great reviews from consumers around the world.

  • Full light spectrum with uniform light throughout and greater penetration while supporting all the growth stages
  • 2 ETL fans and an advanced aluminum heat sink provides maximum heat dissipation and provides an efficient cooling
  • Energy efficient
  • Lifespan of over 50000 hours.
  • No manual power adjustment facility
  • Not waterproof, for indoor use only
  • Daisy chain can’t be done
  • Well ventilated place recommended for use
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